Saturday, May 20, 2006


self portrait tuesday

Not so sure what the challenge is this week but I think it might still be introduce yourself - so here I am....

Friday, May 19, 2006


mixed media round robin

This is my foundation layer for a mixed media round robin that I have joined on 1o artists all start with a first, or foundation layer, then send it on to the next artist who adds a layer and sends it on again. I can't wait to see mine when it comes home in a couple of months!


inspire me thursday

ohhhhh.... for some reason I keep uploading my images the wrong way.... Anyway, my interpretation of journalling for this weeks inspire me thursday challenge. Page two is on the top!!! grrrrrr



more cards

Another card and the beautiful autumn colour.

I've had a day of wandering today. Normally these kind of days would really irritate me but I've learnt to look at them through different eyes. I use them now as inspiration. As I drove, recklessly ignoring the very low level of petrol that had to last me at least until Monday, I stopped and gathered some fallen leaves. The trees have been in such stunning colour for weeks now and I've been meaning to stop and take some photos. I didn't have my camera with me today so I will try and turn the leaves into a new piece of art.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


travelling the Serpentine Road

I'm having a ball on this amazing journey led by L'enchanteur. I write each day and can feel my skills, long forgotten, coming back as my fingers warm with each tap of the keyboard. I've met such lovely people already.

My cards are getting better too. I've got two definate buyers and hope to have another one by the end of the week. I'm making and selling in ten card lots. A bit of pocket money.

There was also talk of me running a few workshops. That would be so much fun. I think that journal art and altered books are such a great canvas for anyone to make and use.

My ATC's have slowed down a bit. I have a couple that I have to make and send before the end of the month - I'll make a promise to myself to do one a day.


Monday, May 15, 2006


the first one counts....

oooo, I'm finally here! I've got a blog to call my own. To post my words, my art, my anything!
I've had a really busy few months. My time has become my own and I have been able to spend most of it my studio. I've joined and I love the sharing that goes with these sites.

Yesterday, I finished my part of a round robin project and will send it off to the next person today. This one is going to be fun. Each person works on a layer for each "canvas". I should receive the next layer of someone else's canvas soon.

Just yesterday I started down the serpentine road with friends from the hermitage. It is going to be a long, exhausting but very rewarding journey and I can't wait to meet myself again at the end of the ride.

Will check in sometime later. Bye for now

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