Thursday, September 14, 2006


back from the sun

oh wow. have i just had the most wonderful, sunfilled 15 days.... 15 days in paradise, sunny far north queensland in fact. port douglas. we spent most of our time lying in the sun (suitably sunscreened of course), second most of our time drinking cocktails and playing canasta, and third most of our time in the rainforest or out on the great barrier reef. and as you'll see reflected in these two photos, we had a pretty tough time of it!!
Mrs Humpback and her baby were quite easily the highlight of my holiday if not my life. We spied these two on our return trip from the outer reef where we spent the day snorkelling with Nemo and his mates! I can't describe the emotions I feel when I see whales on the telly or elsewhere and to have the privilege of seeing them in the flesh is almost too much! I will admit to a couple of tears as I pressed down on the continuous mode button of the camera! Amazing.

This is four mile beach. we walked into Port most days and spent a lot of our time in the sun and the lovely 24 degrees celcius water here too. thats me in the distance on one of our walks along this beautiful stretch of sand.

So back to reality we come. Work, dogs, cold weather (although spring has sprung!) and a messy, tap dripping house.... ahh, but i must say how LOVELY it has been to catch up with friends again.

Onto the doll round robin challenge....


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