Monday, May 15, 2006


the first one counts....

oooo, I'm finally here! I've got a blog to call my own. To post my words, my art, my anything!
I've had a really busy few months. My time has become my own and I have been able to spend most of it my studio. I've joined and I love the sharing that goes with these sites.

Yesterday, I finished my part of a round robin project and will send it off to the next person today. This one is going to be fun. Each person works on a layer for each "canvas". I should receive the next layer of someone else's canvas soon.

Just yesterday I started down the serpentine road with friends from the hermitage. It is going to be a long, exhausting but very rewarding journey and I can't wait to meet myself again at the end of the ride.

Will check in sometime later. Bye for now

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