Sunday, December 10, 2006


a recipe for lucky dogs!

Yesterday, because it was sooooo hot, Miss Tilly and Dave the GR had their favourite hot day treat.

I froze a food container full of yummy chicken stock and placed chicken necks throughout. When the ice block is turned out they happily lick away for hours. Keeps them cool and content and I don't worry so much about the heat while I'm at work and can't be there to let them inside. Ahhhh yes, the life of a spoilt dog!!!!

Merry Christmas lovely
Guess what. The tiger ' cubs' @ Ausralia Zoo had frozen milk treats too. I thought of Tilly and Dave and you.
Tilly and Dave are spoilt doggies!! Thanks for you comment on my blog - I'll bring you the info you want when I'm in the store in January. Have a great New Year!!xx
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