Thursday, December 07, 2006


the old blue truck

the old blue truck at "Hazelberry"

I'm sparing many of my thoughts this morning to our friends in the North East of Victoria who are all under extreme stress due to the current bushfires in the area. The above photo is of an old truck which sits against a tree at our friend Laurence's place in Edi where the fires went through last night. The truck sits approximately 200 metres from the house and marks the spot where the fires went through.

This photo was taken on our first ever visit to "Hazelberry", just after he had purchased the farm but before Laurence had even moved in. Gary and I spent a week around Christmas time camped by the old shed, enjoying our new caravan and the peace and solitude that time away from the city brings. It was Gary's first introduction to camping and the beginning of my love affair with the King Valley and in particular, "Hazelberry".

So, it is with much relief (for now anyway) that I can report that the house still stands, Laurence is weary but ok, there's probably a few less blackberry "weeds" (which has got to be a good thing) and trees. I just keep thinking "cool water" thoughts and hope that when the wind changes, which it is due to do this weekend, the fire behaves itself and that Elvis has got his BEST flying wings on...

Glad its all ok for now. Fingers crossed for saturday.
despite the circumstances, i love that image!
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