Friday, November 03, 2006


nearly finished!

I wanted to post some pictures of the results of my box making workshop with Glen Skein. This box is for my cousin Lizzie who is a fashion designer currently working as a visual merchandiser for Cue and Veronika Maine. She's a pretty talented young lady I reckon!

I love the idea of a box full of bits. There's always an element of surprise when you open a box to find the contents and when there are little hidden shelves and boxes within the box it makes the adventure even more alluring!

Anyway, this is a box that contains 21 thimbles from my late mum's collection and was intended as a 21st birthday present for Liz (who turned 21 in May 2005 - oops!!!). The box is about 13x13x7cm and will (by Sunday!!) be chocked full of thimbles, art books and little bits of sewing ephemera. The art books (at the time of taking the photo, the only one is the red one in top right corner of the 2nd photo) are all hand bound and the pages are made from vintage pattern tissue paper. There is a fairly diverse range of thimbles, sterling silver, brass, plastic and ceramic.

I've had a great time making it so I hope she loves it!

I love your box Samm!! How wonderful to open it up and see all those treasures inside.
Very lovely box! What a nice gift!
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