Sunday, November 19, 2006


Dave the scholar

I'd like you to meet Dave the Golden Retriever. In his spare time, Dave likes to read, drink only the finest scotch whisky and smoke cigars...
Dave is 5 and a half years old on paper, spends most of his time acting like a 2 year old and a little of his time in a 90 year old man's clothes - this is one such occasion. We try to love him most of the time...

Looks like Dave's got the good life. What a cutie.

Thank you so much for your comments! xo ;-)
i can see him with a cigar in one hand, and a glass of scotch in the other :-) he's so cute, i just want to kiss him!

thanks for your comment on my blog - i wish you aussie gals had some events like this going on. we're so lucky here in the pacific northwest - so much artsy stuff going on all the time.
i meant 'paw' not 'hand' ....
Wooooaaaahhhhhhh Sammy.
Are you jumping up and down with excitement !!!!!!!!!
He he he. I'll bet u r. Have fun in the sun this weekend. Check out the antique-eee stuff at the studio. I wanted to get everything for your work (but alas couldnt do it).
Love to Pamela 4 sunday....
Hiya Samm. Dave is so cute - looks like he's had a couple of whiskies and is sleeping it off!! Thanks for visiting my blog... Hope to catch up soon.
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