Wednesday, October 18, 2006


she's leaving home

oh dear! the time has come. she's leaving home tomorrow...
she's all packed up, two more things to add to the final package, some brown paper to wrap the box in (is it bad to pack her in a "maxwell williams" dinner set box???) and an address label and off she'll go.
i'm okay with this, really, i promise. i've talked to mandy about it, and she's okay. her doll left a little earlier this week, she's still okay, i think!!! i know mel has sent hers, and her emails remain cheerful. so, i'll be okay, won't i?
plans afoot for mandy and i to do fibre forum next year and then art and soul the year after. oh my goodness, how much fun could that be? oh yay! i'm trying to find a course to do. i need to find the right one. i think i've whittled it down to two, both only one day a week which suits perfectly. it's just a matter of choosing the right one - hmmm.

Well I for one am gald she's on her way. The very thought of hearing her adventures soon , makes saying goodbye to Lost that much easier...
and courses eh ?
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