Sunday, October 08, 2006


a doll collaboration

so, i decided to start a doll and journal swap. i posted a picture a little while ago of a funny looking bird thing, she's staying home with me now..... too scary to send her out into the world on her own!

I got the latest edition of Cloth Paper Scissors and followed Katie Kendrick's great directions for making an art doll and then there were two! neither of my dolls have names yet and the plan is for doll on the right to go out, cause trouble, learn some stuff about life while doll on the left (twin sister) stays at home and "grows" at the hand of her maker! could be fun.

go sisters -
hows the journal going ?
hi samm,
thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comments. your dolls are great!! how creative - a doll collaboration :-) aren't they just so much fun to make? i find them addicting...
What a great idea!! I fell in love with Katie's dolls a while back. And was thrilled to see basic instructions in CPS. And have made quite a few dolls myself. Like this idea of people adding to your doll as she travels!Will check back to see the doll's progress(both of them!)

Very nice to meet a fellow Victorian too :)
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