Saturday, August 12, 2006


my day

so off I went to the McLelland Gallery and sculpture park in Langwarrin (photos at left are just two of the sculptures in the grounds) to see Louise Weaver's exhibition "Taking a chance on love". I think in some cases it is truly legitimate to use the word WOW to describe things, and this is one of those select few cases! I'm not so good at adventuring on my own (believe it or not) but my gorgeous friend Mandy has a case of the sniffles and needed a day in front of the heater so off I ventured. I would love to post some pictures of her work from the program that I bought but i'm not sure that I'm allowed to so I'll do my best to describe. (check this out though
Louise crochets things! We're not talking your average granny inspired knee rug here either... she crochets animals, and pouring objects and branches and even some antlers to make them look like coral! I think the most interesting object that I saw was a taxidermied (u know what I mean) hoopoe bird that she had completely covered in white crochet and beads, leaving only the eyes and it's amazingly long nectar eating beak uncrocheted! again WOW! There is an instillation, lets call it "red" - red, red, red, animals, tree branches, pebbles and rocks, all covered in red crochet. As Mandy said, wouldn't it be great to have a camera to record peoples faces when they first see the red! It's amazing!
My very favourite was a collage, untitled - acrylic, woven mulberry papers, embroidered circles and woven bits (in wool). I am so, so inspired that I'm dreaming up a piece as I type, I've been and collected some stuff and I'm going to tuck into it very soon!

wish I had been there
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