Thursday, August 10, 2006


moved by the music

you my friend are an angel, appearing at a low point, to cheer and inspire.
strumming my face with your fingers,
in the deepest of dreams you come, you spread your warmth along the length of my soul.
i dream of you at night time, in the secret space of my time.
you fill me up, overflow my cup,
my cup spilleth over with you.

so for the third time i saw you, waiting with baited breath for minutes that stretch into weeks and months, waiting for another smile.
a smile that warms me to my very core, keeps me thinking, keeps my inner music humming,
the tunes that sing to the beat of your heart.
i long for a touch, that's all i'd need to keep me together for another minute.
time would go so easy if only i could feel.
if only once.

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