Tuesday, July 25, 2006


This photo has taken me three attempts - I'm not going there....

So this is one of the pages of my most recent altered book. I kind of had an " inside out" theme going on as I was trying to get ideas for an ATC swap (which the cards never made it to!!) I started with a kids board book and covered the pages with gesso. Note to self, sandpaper the pages first next time, not enough tooth on the page to hold the gesso down! I've done about six pages so far, but my patience is wearing very thin with the whole uploading images thing - yesterday I even went to have a cuppa while waiting but by the time i'd got back, my images had disappeared into cyber space somewhere! I hope the Cyberspacians are enjoying them! I'm probably going to use these techniques for a workshop that i'm running where I work (august 18th!!). Quick and easy and uses a huge variety of stuff.

Very busy planning a holiday to Port Douglas at the moment - ahh, two whole weeks in the sun.... lovely! oh and busy waiting..... more on that later!

Off for brekky, Tuesday morning luxury in Mornington with friends.



oooh. yes i like. Nice flower/ womb thing happening.
Hey hey, bit excited about changing dollies. May come in to the shop tomorrow, c u there.
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